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Marbled Crayfish


Marbled crayfish are one of mother nature's great mysteries. First discovered in a pet shop in Germany, there has yet to be a natural colony of these crustaceans found in the wild. All marbled crayfish are self-cloning females, so you will only need one to get started! 

Water Temp:  18 – 25°C 

Diet: Crustacean shells, fish, tomatoes,  dead leaves (pasteurized), frozen peas, egg shells (pasteurized), and earth worms

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Catfish are some of the most hardy species used in aquaponics. They eat a wide range of food, and can stand great variances in oxygen as well as temperature. While not as easy to breed as other fish, they are one of the safest investments. 

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Meal Worms


Need a high protein food source for your fish that will also create a high grade fertilizer for your plants? Try using meal worms as they are relatively small and have the added bonus of being able to live exclusively off of Styrofoam!

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Super Worms


Do you like meal worms but they don't eat quick enough or keep your animals full for very long? Try super worms! They grow larger, have less chitin in relation to their size,  and can eat everything that a meal worm can!

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